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Business Services

RMF Print Management Group prides itself on providing their customers with top notch service. One of the ways we achieve this is through services which save our customers time and money. Let us help you run your business easier and more efficiently.

Fulfillment Service

Our fulfillment service allows you to determine how and where your products are shipped. Do you have multiple locations that need the same products? We will ship them wherever they need to go at your request. Do you need to assemble multiple products in each shipment? We’ll happily package your boxes according to your specifications.


Do you have essential forms or documents that your business must have in stock at all times? It can be costly to keep all your products in house. RMF Print Management Group has the space to hold your extra stock so that you never run out of your essential inventory. Take advantage of a large quantity discount today and we will hold your extra stock in our warehouse. We will release it to you as you require, usually shipping out your product the same day you request it.

Online Inventory Management

We use a sophisticated inventory management system so you can manage an online ordering catalog for your forms. This catalog can be customized to show as many items as you choose. With full color pictures and descriptions, this catalog serves as a way to track inventory on our shelves or to re-order stock on demand. Our computerized inventory control system provides live, accurate control over your inventory. The system also allows customers to submit purchase orders online and track your invoices. RMF will manage all details for you or you can access the system directly at your convenience.

Graphic Design Services

Need help with the design and layout of your product? Our state-of-the-art pre-press department is available to help you with your projects.

Mailing Services

We offer you a complete mail service from sorting to addressing to delivery to the Post Office. Our Software will guarantee you the lowest postal rates.

We will take your database and verify the addresses in your database and supply you with a list of these updates.

We can use your permit or ours to guarantee you the best postal rates and a timely delivery.